Most people spend nearly one third of their lives on bed sheets – it’s pretty crazy when you think about it. Given that we spend so much time on them, a lot of us invest in nice bed sheets so that we are as comfortable as possible when we sleep.

That being said, when bed sheets become worn or faded, you usually just replace them and throw away the old, worn-out sheets. But instead of trashing your old bedding, consider recycling them instead. There are so many brilliant uses for bed sheets that you wouldn’t think of. They contain a lot of material that can be repurposed in a lot of different ways. We scoured the Internet for the best uses for old bed sheets so that you can upcycle them to your hearts content.

These 40 uses for old sheets will help you think out the box so you can still utilize your old bedding when it’s time to replace it. Do you know of any other great uses for old bed sheets? If so, let us know in the comments below.

1) Make a Sleeping Bag Liner

Fold a sheet in half and sew around the sides to create this sleeping bag liner that is perfect for when you go camping or anywhere else you want a barrier between you and the bed. Check out how to make this DIY project here.

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One Good Thing by Jillee Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

2 Turn Your Old Sheets Into Cleaning Rags

Cut up your sheets, and use the pieces as reusable cleaning rags instead of wasting paper towels. This works really well with more absorbent materials, such as cotton or even bamboo.

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Viralman Source: Viralman

3) Use an Old Bed Sheet to Cover Your Plants

If the weather is going to drop unexpectedly, you can use your old sheets to cover your plants so they stay warm. The material should hold in the heat from the soil below and keep your larger plants from freezing. Use a cold gardening frame for best results.

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One Good thing by Jillee Source: One Good thing by Jillee

4) Make a DIY Cover Into a Headband

These vintage oversized headbands were made with fabric from old sheets. You can find a quick tutorial here.

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Etsy Source: Etsy

5) Make Sheet-Covered Hangers

Make your hangers look nicer by covering them with fabric. In addition, the hangers should hold your clothing better this way. You can find a tutorial here.

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DIY & Crafts Source: DIY & Crafts

6) Make a Plastic Bag Holder

If your cabinets are overrun with plastic shopping bags, you can use your old sheets to make a plastic bag holder. Check out the video to find out how to complete this useful project.

[Source: Easy Sewing for Beginners]

7) Craft a Handy Draft Catcher

Put an end to the drafts in your house by making a draft catcher from your old sheets. Learn how to make one here.

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the good stuff Source: the good stuff

8) Sew an Apron

Make an adorable apron from your old sheets. All you need is scissors and a needle and threat. Watch the tutorial video to learn how to do this great project.

[Source: Whitney Sews]

9) Make a Maxi Dress

Why throw away an old, beautifully patterned sheet when you can make something useful out of it. Create a beautiful maxi dress from old bed sheets by following this video tutorial.

[Source: amynotsomuch]

10) Craft Some Curtains

You can also make some beautiful curtains from your fitted sheets in just minutes. The following video shows you how to make curtains using your old bed sheets.

[Source: Dezinefun With Michelle]

11) Perform a Furniture or Wall Makeover

Cut up pieces of your old sheets, and use Mod Podge to adhere them to furniture or your walls. You can even try different patterns for each drawer on a dresser, as detailed here.

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Mod Podge Rocks Source: Mod Podge Rocks

12) Use as a Movie Screen

You can use an old, white sheet as a movie screen and host movie nights if you have a projector. Hang it from somewhere overhead and let it hang down, but first make sure it doesn’t have any holes in it.

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Little Lady Little City Source: Little Lady Little City

13) Craft a Braided Dog Toy

Cut your sheets into strips and braid it into a toy that your dog will love. Learn out how to make a DIY tug and chew toy in the following video.

[Source: Donna Hill]

14) Make Customized Pillowcases

You can repurpose your old bed sheets into pillowcases. For this project, cut equal sizes of your sheets to the size you want your pillow to be, sew around the edges, and turn them inside out to create brand new pillowcases. You can find the tutorial here.

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Just Quilty Source: Just Quilty

15) Turn Them Into Reusable Shopping Bags

If you don’t want to waste plastic bags, you can make shopping bags from your old sheets to create reusable shopping bags. Find out how to repurpose your old sheets into shopping bags in the following video.

[Source: Howcast]

16) DIY Bed Sheet Crib Mobile

Another great use for an old bed sheet is to make a hanging crib mobile for a baby. You can find a tutorial for this project here.

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Sew She Sews Source: Sew She Sews

17) Make a Rag Rug

You can save old bed sheets and other scraps of fabric to make a rag rug. You can find out how to make this colorful area rug here.

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Homesteading Source: Homesteading

18) Sew a Pair of Pajama Bottoms Using an Old Sheet

Get even more use out of your old bed sheets by turning them into a pair of pajama bottoms. You can find the tutorial for how to craft a pair of pajama bottoms out of an old bed sheet here.

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Ducky House Source: Ducky House

19) Make a Pleated Bed Skirt

Turn a favorite old bed sheet into a beautiful, pleated bed skirt. Not only will the skirt probably go along with your current decor, it is simple to make. You can find the directions here.

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Driven By Decor Source: Driven By Decor

20) DIY Teepee for Your Child

Another great use for an old bed sheet is to make a teepee play area for your child. Easy to make, check here to find out how.

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Place of My Taste Source: Place of My Taste

21) Craft a Shower Curtain

Brighten your bathroom by using a colorful bed sheet to add some color. With a little sewing, you can craft your colored bed sheet into a colorful shower curtain. You can find the tutorial here.

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make and takes Source: make and takes

22) Create a Beautiful Fabric Gift Wrap

Repurpose your old bed sheets as a fabric gift wrap. Top off the gift with a matching bow or ribbon. Check out this DIY hack to find out how to spruce up your gifts using your old bed sheets.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

23) Create a Handbag Liner

Spice up an old bag or DIY handbag project by using your old bed sheets as an inside liner. All it takes is a little determination and sewing know-how, though this tutorial might help.

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Serger Pepper Source: Serger Pepper

24) Make a Fabric-Covered Bangle

Turn any beautiful, old bed sheet fabric into a chic bangle for your wrist. Simply take a plastic bangle and cover it with the fabric from your old sheets, as shown here.

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Sadie Seasongoods Source: Sadie Seasongoods

25) Turn an Old Bed Sheet Into a Fitted Sheet

Use a little elastic, an old bed sheet, and your sewing skills to extend the life of your sheets by turning them into fitted sheets. You can find an easy-to-follow how-to guide here.

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Craftsy Source: Craftsy

26) Make a Rustic Quilt

Cut up your old bed sheets to make patches for creating a rustic quilt. Just make sure to brush up on your quilting skills here before beginning.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

27) Create Double-Sided Placemats

Another cool project for repurposing your old sheets for is turning them into double-sided placemats. Find how to make this useful project here.

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Hometalk Source: Hometalk

28) DIY Wall Hoop Art

Liven up the wall of your nursery or other room by adding a little color using old bed sheets. Find out how to create this wonderful DIY wall hoop art here.

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Project Nursery Source: Project Nursery

29) Use as Bird Nesting Material

Cut your old bed sheets up into small strips and hang them up around your yard in the spring. Birds will take the fabric and weave it into their nests, making them more colorful.

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30) Use Old Bed Sheets as Drop Cloths

Save your old bed sheets, and the next time you paint you’ll have some readymade drop cloths for your floors and furniture. When you finish painting, just throw the old bed sheets in the trash for easy disposal or wash them for reuse.

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She Holds Dearly Source: She Holds Dearly

31) Create a Garment Bag

An easy way to use an old sheet is to turn it into a garment bag. Check out this tutorial to find out more.

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Dr. Karen S. Lee Source: Dr. Karen S. Lee

32) Turn Old Bed Sheets into Compost

To really get some use out of your old bed sheets, cut them up into small pieces and place them into the compost pile. The cotton material should easily degrade in five to six months.

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The Zero-Waste Chef Source: The Zero-Waste Chef

33) Turn Into an Ironing Board Cover

You can take an old sheet and turn it into an ironing board cover. This tutorial walks you through the steps for making an ironing board cover using an old sheet.

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Tilly and the Buttons Source: Tilly and the Buttons

34) Make Doll Clothes

Make clothing for a favorite doll using old bed sheets. To find out more on how to complete this easy, DIY project, check here.

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The Spruce Source: The Spruce

35) Use to Collect Leaves in the Fall

An old sheet makes a great way to get rid of the leaves in your yard. Simply rake the leaves and place them on the sheet spread out on the ground, gather the corners of the sheet and drag the leaves to where you want.

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The Old Farmer's Almanac Source: The Old Farmer's Almanac

36) Make a Colorful Bulletin Board Cover

Take an unfaded sheet and cover a bulletin board to make a colorful cover. In addition to looking snazzy, you can still pin items to the bulleting board through the material. Check out how to do this project in more detail here.

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Kenarry Source: Kenarry

37) Use as Pet Bedding

You can take an old sheet and repurpose it as bedding for your pets. Simply wrap any cushioning you have in your pet’s bed in the sheet, or use it to line the floor of a cage.

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homesogood Source: homesogood

38) Turn an Old Sheet Into a Seat Cover

Protect the backseat of your car by taking an old sheet and placing it over the seat, safeguarding it from spills and other messes. Preferably, you want to use a fitted sheet, but a regular sheet works as well.

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modestmaiden62 Source: modestmaiden62

39) Use an Old Sheet on a Picnic

An old sheet makes a great ground cover in a pinch while on a picnic. Just fold the old sheet and place it in your car trunk. Then, if you find yourself on an impromptu picnic with nothing to cover the ground, simply pull out the old sheet and use it.

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Decor Hub Source: Decor Hub

40) Donate Your Old Bed Sheets

While your old sheets might seem useless to you, many others who are less fortunate would jump at the chance to own them. So, instead of throwing them in the trash, donate your old sheets to a local charity.

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As you can see, the usefulness of old bed sheets does not stop once you replace them. Use these 40 hacks to make use of your oold bed sheets past their normal lifespan.