DIY Ribbon Clip-on Lip Balm Holder

These clip-on lip balm holders are a super cute, fast and easy DIY project to make for birthday party favors or thank-you gifts !  I usually make at least a dozen of these adorable little ribbon chapstick holders because they are SO easy and quick to create – and they are a great last-minute handmade gift idea.  They’re an ESSENTIAL addition for backpacks, gym bags and purses so we can ALL stop the frantic search for lip balm in our overstuffed, unorganized bags (NO judgement here, friends).

Lip Balm Clip On Holder

You just need 1 1/2″ ribbon, swivel clips, and basic sewing skills to complete these little holders in minutes.  I’ll give you the ribbon / folding measurements I use, but using a little less or a little more is a personal preference, of course.  As long as the chapstick stays in its pouch, then your mission is accomplished!

I have a lot of ribbon.  Okay….too much ribbon.  I just like to have a lot of options, in the event that I need ribbon at a moment’s notice.  Or there’s a ribbon shortage.  It could totally happen.

Let’s Do This!

1 1/2″ ribbon

1 1/2″ swivel clip 


Yep….pretty complicated supply list.

  • Cut a length of ribbon about 9″.  Finish the ends by singeing with a match, lighter, or heat of some sort (I use a disposable lighter because they are easy to find and cheap).

ribbon chapstick holder

  • Fold one end down about 1/2″ (personal preference) and sew across the width.

  • Fold the opposite end over a swivel clip, and allow 2 – 3″ to fold over, as this will be the inside “liner” of the lip balm holder.

  • You’re at the FINAL STEP!  I know…already?!  These are so quick and simple, you just need to make a lot of them so you can give awesome gifts ALL the time!
  • Okay..we have to stitch around the holder to form the “pouch”.  You can do it a lot of different ways, but I like to start on one side of the folded bottom, sew up the side, across the top (to hold the swivel hook in place, then turn the pouch and finish the remaining side.


You’ve got one rockin’ cute little lip balm holder!  BAM!

These are great gifts for teachers, coaches, friends, and random acquaintances.  I’ve posted instructions HERE for super easy headbands made out of the same width ribbon, so HOW CUTE would it be to give a lip balm holder (with awesome balm, of course) and a matching no-slip headband??

Perfect for kiddos, tweens, and workout chicks!   I like to include a “plumping” lip balm or organic balm for my gym friends and rockin’ moms. Don’t forget to add a headband (instructions here) for a perfect set of accessories!

Ribbon Lip Balm Holder and Headband

Clip-On Ribbon Lip Balm Holder and No-Slip Headband

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Simple and easy instructions for DIY clip-on ribbon lip balm holder. An easy sewing project for tween and adults. | DIY Chapstick holder | Easy sewing project

Save it….you will definitely be making more than one of these amazing clippies!  If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear them in the comment section below.

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Easy DIY clip-on lip balm holder tutorial. Quick and easy sewing project for tweens, teens, and adults. DIY craft that is easy to make!