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Thank you for stopping by today at On the Cutting Floor.  This is the 5 Minute Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial


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1/4 yard of cotton

Sewing Supplies:  Coordinating thread, sewing machine, regular sewing machine needles and scissors




5 Minute Drawstring Bag Sewing Tutorial

  1.  Fold the fabric in two, with the right side up


2.  Stitch the edge lengthwise 3/8 inch seam allowance.dsc_0517

3.  Trim the excess seam allowance fabric, about 1/4 inch.dsc_0518

4.  Turn it to the wrong side of the fabric.  First, press the seam allowance with your fingers and then, use your iron to press the bag properly.dsc_0519

5.  Stitch again, this time on the wrong side of the fabric, lengthwise 3/8 inch from the seam you have just made.dsc_0520

6.  Stitch the bottom of the fabric with about 1/4 inch seam allowance.dsc_0521

7.  Turn to the right side to mark the drawstring holes.dsc_0522

8.  Fold the top of the bag 1 1/2 inch inside.  Then, decide where the drawstring holes will be.  I have placed it in the middle of it, 1/4 inch from the folded top.dsc_0523

9.  Follow the indications on your sewing machine to make the buttonholes.

dsc_0530 10.  Now, set aside and start making the strap.

dsc_0524 dsc_0525 dsc_0526

dsc_0532 dsc_0533 dsc_0534 dsc_0535