Learn how to work this great knitting pattern by watching this free video tutorial! Keep reading for tips on how to master the technique of making this tight pattern and how you can use this pattern to make the all time favourite projects.

Knitted Pattern


This knitting pattern is very tight and complicated to weave without keeping the fabric from being too tight and bunching. Therefore, make sure your fabric does not curl up. Although we want the fabric to be thick, we do not want a messy pattern to develop.

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Keep reading for ideas on how you can incorporate this knitting pattern to your favorite knitting projects!

Knit Pattern

To get started, you must begin by purling the first row. Secondly, go between the stitches to create an extra stitch and slip the top stitch from left to right. Third, you have to then purl the two stitches together. Repeat rows 2-3 and you have your knitting pattern! 

The reason why this knitting pattern is unique is because of how tight and thick the product becomes. That makes a sturdy fabric that you can use for so many projects. A cool project you can pursue with fabric of these qualities is a book cover!

Wrap up your favorite novels or personal journals/notebooks in this handy book cover that is sure to protect your treasured items!

You can also make a knitted tote bag with this resilient knitting pattern! It is sure to hold all of the books you can carry! You can even use variegated yarn to design and adorn your fashionable bag if you are looking to wear something bold.

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Knitted pattern by: Елена Шатохина.

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