If you love baby hat knitting patterns you’ve come to the right place! Here are the 10 cutest Baby Hat Knitting Patterns of 2017!

Happy New Year Friends! Well, for me, 2017 was the year of knitting. I am so fortunate that this year my business exploded. I think a lot of people either think being a blogger is a hobby or it’s an easy way to make lots of money. But in fact, it is neither. You have to work hard at it for years and find your niche before things click into place. And that finally happened for me this year. Almost 5 years in. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that you all appreciate what I’m doing and you LOVE LOVE LOVE baby hats. Luckily for all of us I also like making them!

So without further ado, I thought I’d share with you the 10 new baby hat knitting patterns you loved the most this year.  My top sellers are still the same as last year (click here to see those classics including the much beloved Knit Bow Baby Hat which will probably be my top seller until the day I die) because things take a while to build up steam on the internet, but of my new patterns from 2017, these were your faves and I have to say, you guys have good taste!

I wish you all a wonderful New Year and thank you so much for your continued support of my little corner of the internet! Happy New Year, friends!

The 10 Cutest Baby Hat Knitting Patterns of the Year! | littleredwindow.com


From left to right and top to bottom…

1. Magical Unicorn Hat Knitting Pattern 

2. Dragon Hat Knitting Pattern

3. Happy Hippo Hat Knitting Pattern

4. Little Mouse Hat Knitting Pattern

5. Sleepy Owl Hat Knitting Pattern

6. Big Bow Hat Knitting Pattern

7.Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern

8. Baby Bunny Hat Knitting Pattern

9. Sweet Baby Bonnet Knitting Pattern

10. Ombre Hat Knitting Pattern

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